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Bee Pollen Pills -6- Boxes

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The root cause of obesity is the energy intake exceeds energy expenditure and the key of weight loss is to make the calorie to reach a negative balance, that means to make calorie intake less than calories consumed, all weight loss methods are doing something to achieve that target directly or indirectly, Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen do so

Using natural plant ingredients and formulated according to Chinese traditional medical theory of "Medicine and Food Homology", Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen effectively improve satiety and metabolism as well as reduce calorie intake, users can lose up to 15 lbs in a month with this all natural Chinese weight loss diet product

Main Ingredients:
Bee Pollen, Chinese Yam, Barbary Wolfberry Fruit, Lotus Seed, Dietary Fiber

Other ingredient
Green tea, Rhubarb, Aloe, Cassia, Astrigillis , Polygonum multiflorum, Lotus leaf. Gynostemme, Radish seed, Malt, Mulberry, Hawthorn, Vitamins

Specification: 250mg*48 Capsules/Bottle
Dosage: Once a day, 2 grains each time before or after breakfast, take the pills in bottle at first and pills in packs later to consolidate the effect
Targeted Group: Pure fatness, postpartum fatness, people who are unable to reduce and control their weight with proper diet or sports
Precaution: Not for adolescents, elderly, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, people who suffer from liver, kidney, heart disease, high blood pressure etc., depression people or anyone with bee or pollen allergies

by darryl Mose
love the great slimming pills , I got this pills from my sister, lost about 24 lbs in a short time, thanks very much.

by george Ruiz
my neighbour told me bee pollen capsules several times, I am a little doubt that if it is good for me, so ordered 1 box and try, lost 6 lbs in less than 2 weeks, try this pills.

by vikki Echandia
I've taken these pills and they seem to be very effective in regard to curb my appetite, taking this pills for 2 months so far, not unconfortable to happen for me, so it's great pills. I love.

by Samantha Salinas
can sleep well, and no awful side effects. That's very nice.

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the product is original, and the price is cheap for accept. if I need, will order it again.

by Mamta Torres
This product was a miracle for me.i thought i got the original pills, lost so much in one month, will continue to take them. love this bee pollen